Library essentials

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May these serve you well:

  • Novalis – Henry of Ofterdingen (1800)
  • Carl Gustav Jung – The Psychology of the Unconscious (1912) *
  • Wolfram von Eschenbach – Parzival (1210) **


* Decapitates Freud in one fell swoop and makes clear the Aryan understanding of mind and energy, though stated in materialist (“scientific”) terms.

** Of Wolfram’s Parzival, Miguel Serrano has written that the only comparable work to it are J.S. Bach’s masterful fugues. Also, it is the inspiration for Hermann Hesse’s Klingsor’s Last Summer, and is essential alchemical reading for anyone traveling the path of the warrior.



Nexion of Ur


Tangible ends

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He turned around the corner from the office building of the Ministerio del Interior and headed towards his luxury apartment in Buenos Aires. The air of the metropolis seemed especially beneficent today, and Operative 093, a.k.a. “Fernando”, happily inhaled the pollutants that laced the atmosphere. Every person he had interacted with for the last ten years seemed to breathe life into the present he was now stepping into.

His, too, was more than a work of art. Not quite as grand a creation as the state of Israel, but similar sacrificial and psychical methods had been used in bringing it about. Fanatical National Socialists had been mercilessly removed from the Patagonia area by the hand of professional military personnel carrying out the orders of the Argentinian and Chilean governments. Their pointless complot, blind resistance, and violent deaths had paved a path of skulls towards his crowning achievement. This was what the soil cried for. This was exactly what made the grass grow.

His glory would be enjoyed from the solitude and darkness, he thought, in some retreat in the Caribbean after his work was done. For this, he had already set aside a completely legal account in the Cayman Islands through a diversified permanent portfolio. Neither personal fame before the mundane nor illegal means had been in any way necessary for the attaining of Aeonic sinister goals. Steady, step-wise acquisition of influence and worldly power, however, was the most straight-forward and obvious path.

He stepped into his high-end apartment, enjoying the air that the sober, lean, modernistic lines with which it was furnished imparted him. He thought briefly of the traditional mystics crouching in rundown cottages, scribbling away in impenetrable philosophical language and issuing dozens upon dozens of documents filed away by some, read by few, and understood by even fewer who would never make a difference upon the world. He shook his head, chuckling, and heaved a heavy sigh. Hanging on the wall was the law degree he had earned twenty years ago, and how that had been the beginning of a long career culminating in influential posts within the Argentinian government.

With the help of other associates in the Argentinian and Chilean governments, and without needing to infiltrate the army at all since the army wields no executive power whatsoever, an autonomous region was created within the Patagonia area with the express purpose of conducting a long-term social experiment. Herein, it was granted power and advanced technological means to a select group of families previously nominated and screened by the secret group of associates to live outside the norms and laws of South American society. Furthermore, technical advice and economic aid would be forthcoming from both governments to assist towards cultivating a new way of life and its viability for the future. Therein, they would be allowed to practice the religion and customs of their choice.

He walked into the darkest room in his house, purposely darkened and dedicated to his dark meditations. These consisted of wordless concentration. No sigils were ever used, nor candles lit. No names were summoned. Only a single-pointed power that emanated from him, a power fed in turn by all those who served his will. Worlds upon worlds took shape therein.

For years he had come into this room and seen the silent bloodshed that was now still taking place in removing from the area the last specimens of an obsolete phalanx of ideologically-obsessed pawns. Their ill-begotten leaders were now kept in black sites, the contents of their fanzines and the nature of their fetishistic altars tortured out of them by intelligence officers that would never comprehend or accept the answers given them and who would carve their own trapezoidal sigils into the flesh and psyche of their victims.

For years he had stood still for hours on end breathing life into the now-solidified vision of high-tech sustainable abodes that would house the Internal Adepts and their families who would form the rank-and-file of the autonomous region. The orchestrators would remain unnamed, retiring into peace and luxury, pulling the strings only by whispering through networks of connections cultivated through years of patient work.

Today his work had come to full fruition. He felt the rush of energy, the returned shockwaves of his actualized vision filling him, making him grow even stronger. He was here yet he was also there. And that same night an airborne disc-like shape haunted the fjords of the autonomous region of the Patagonia, raising alarms as it was seen by the naked eye of military personnel and radar alike. He would then pay one last visit to the warm oases of Antarctica and commune with the presence that there abides before leaving his beloved Buenos Aires.



Nexion of Ur


O9A: Baeldraca

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Order of Nine Angles: Baeldraca


This 105 page collection of post-2012 Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA, ω9α) texts is a companion volume to the Feond compilation {1} and thus like that compilation is intended for (i) those who have an interest in learning about an esoteric tradition with roots in Greco-Roman culture, Hellenistic mysticism, and Renaissance Occultism, and/or (ii) those curious about the Occult philosophy and praxis of the O9A, and/or (iii) those who are already associated with the O9A movement and who aspire to, or have already achieved, the O9A grade of Internal Adept on the O9A Seven Fold Way.

In addition, the esoteric knowledge contained in the diverse O9A texts included in this book can provide a means for the O9A initiate to overcome some of the perils they may encounter during the early stages of the O9A Seven Fold Way.

TWS Nexion
August 2019 ev

{1} Available both as a gratis pdf download – at Feond (pdf) – and as a printed book: Feond: Order Of Nine Angles – Toward Internal Adept, 2019, ISBN 978-1687255624.



° Preface
° Historical Origins Of The Septenary System Of The O9A
           ° Introduction: The Physis Sorcery of Naos.
° Physis, The Corpus Hermeticum, And The Ancient Hermetic Quest For Immortality.
° The Seven-Fold Way And Acausality.
° Arabic And Alchemical Influences.
° The Complete Seven-Fold Way
° The Rite Of The Abyss and Beyond
° Conclusion: The O9A In Esoteric Perspective.

° Alchemy And The Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition
° Explaining The Acausal: A Metaphysical Theory
° The Pagan Mysticism Of The O9A
° O9A Esotericism: An Initiated Apprehension
° A Note Regarding Kitab al-Aflak
° The Adeptus Way and The Sinisterly-Numinous
° Azoth: Western Alchemy And The Seven Fold Way
° On The Anti-Patriarchal O9A Ethos
° On Native Egyptian Influence In The Corpus Hermeticum
° Flavius Josephus: Unreliable Witness
° Authority, Learning, and Culture, In O9A Tradition
° The Authority Of Individual Judgement: Interpretation And Meaning
° The Septenary Anados and Life After Death
° Appendix I: Illustrations
° Appendix II: Two Esoteric Chants
° Appendix III: Of Star Gates And Nexions
° Appendix IV: The Acausal And ὁ θεός
° Appendix V: A Glossary of Order of Nine Angles Terms


The Nine Angles And Acausal Energy

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O9A: The Nine Angles And Acausal Energy



° Preface
° The Nine Angles – Beyond The Causal Continuum
° The Nine Angles of Sinister Change
° Sorcery and the Esoteric Nature of The Acausal
° The Physics of Acausal Energy
° Some Notes On The Text The Physics Of Acausal Energy


The Numinous, Empathy, And The O9A

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It is appropriate to explain what the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) mean by the term ‘numinous’ given that the term occurs in O9A expressions such as ‘the sinister-numinous’ and ‘the sinister-numinous aesthetic’.

O9A: The Numinous, Empathy, And The Seven Fold Way


O9A Seven Fold Way: A Modern Practical Guide


The O9A Star Game

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The O9A Star Game

I. Overview of The Star Game
II. Introducing The Star Game

The two articles – one written in 2013, the other in 2018 – outline the Esoteric Art of the O9A Star Game, a modern and innovative method of both personal and Aeonic sorcery.

O9A Aeonic Theory

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Joel-Hrafnsson Sinister Tarot Atu X

Aeonic Theory Of The Order Of Nine Angles


• Aeon: Etymology And Meaning
• O9A Aeonic Theory
• The Implications Of O9A Aeonic Theory
• The Vindex Mythos

Image credit: Joel-Hrafnsson Sinister Tarot Atu X


Acausal Theory

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I. Time, Acausality, The Supernatural, And Scientific Theories

II. DWM: Understanding The Acausal

III. O9A: Explaining The Acausal