O9A: Baeldraca

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Order of Nine Angles: Baeldraca


This 105 page collection of post-2012 Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA, ω9α) texts is a companion volume to the Feond compilation {1} and thus like that compilation is intended for (i) those who have an interest in learning about an esoteric tradition with roots in Greco-Roman culture, Hellenistic mysticism, and Renaissance Occultism, and/or (ii) those curious about the Occult philosophy and praxis of the O9A, and/or (iii) those who are already associated with the O9A movement and who aspire to, or have already achieved, the O9A grade of Internal Adept on the O9A Seven Fold Way.

In addition, the esoteric knowledge contained in the diverse O9A texts included in this book can provide a means for the O9A initiate to overcome some of the perils they may encounter during the early stages of the O9A Seven Fold Way.

TWS Nexion
August 2019 ev

{1} Available both as a gratis pdf download – at Feond (pdf) – and as a printed book: Feond: Order Of Nine Angles – Toward Internal Adept, 2019, ISBN 978-1687255624.



° Preface
° Historical Origins Of The Septenary System Of The O9A
           ° Introduction: The Physis Sorcery of Naos.
° Physis, The Corpus Hermeticum, And The Ancient Hermetic Quest For Immortality.
° The Seven-Fold Way And Acausality.
° Arabic And Alchemical Influences.
° The Complete Seven-Fold Way
° The Rite Of The Abyss and Beyond
° Conclusion: The O9A In Esoteric Perspective.

° Alchemy And The Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition
° Explaining The Acausal: A Metaphysical Theory
° The Pagan Mysticism Of The O9A
° O9A Esotericism: An Initiated Apprehension
° A Note Regarding Kitab al-Aflak
° The Adeptus Way and The Sinisterly-Numinous
° Azoth: Western Alchemy And The Seven Fold Way
° On The Anti-Patriarchal O9A Ethos
° On Native Egyptian Influence In The Corpus Hermeticum
° Flavius Josephus: Unreliable Witness
° Authority, Learning, and Culture, In O9A Tradition
° The Authority Of Individual Judgement: Interpretation And Meaning
° The Septenary Anados and Life After Death
° Appendix I: Illustrations
° Appendix II: Two Esoteric Chants
° Appendix III: Of Star Gates And Nexions
° Appendix IV: The Acausal And ὁ θεός
° Appendix V: A Glossary of Order of Nine Angles Terms


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