Happy International Day of Slayer!

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Heavy metal posits a simple question: why believe that the metaphysical runs in parallel to the physical, such that natural selection extends beyond the physical world? This arises from its worship of power and destruction at a time when most fear them.

Lucifer brings light through destruction, and the power of knowledge inevitably obliterates human illusions. Slayer expressed this through a mythological-historical view that saw a struggle of realism against human illusion.

As humans struggle against the threats of dualism and peer pressure, the antisocial and amoral nihilistic attitude of heavy metal remains one of the few windows past the decay into a possible future.

Today is the National Day of Slayer, a riff on the National Day of Prayer, a time when the faithful gathered to cling to middle eastern religions instead of observing the pagan, occult, and new thought reality.

To celebrate, blast Slayer at your friends and normies alike while reflecting that the visual is not the world, or even the largest part of it. Underneath the surface darkness lurks, and without it, our world would collapse through entropy into heat-death.

Show No Mercy (1983)

Haunting the Chapel (1984)

Hell Awaits (1985)

Reign in Blood (1986)

South of Heaven (1988)

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