Regarding The Nine Angles

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Republished here are some items concerning the “nine angles” and/or which place the term “nine angles” into the correct esoteric perspective.

The first item – whose full title is Notes Concerning The Term Nine Angles As Used By The Occult Group The Order of Nine Angles – is in four parts and was issued in 2013 ev. Part One is an extract from a September 2013 ev debate on an Occult internet forum. Part Two contains three screen-shots from a 2011 ev debate between Aquino, of the Temple of Set, and a person associated with the Order of Nine Angles. Part Three is an extract from Myatt’s commentary on the Greek text of the Divine Pymander, a text dating from the second/third century CE . Part Four is an extract from A Glossary of ONA Terms, v.3.07.

The second item – More Notes On The Nine Angles – is the most recent (2018 ev) and places the screenshots of Part Two of the first item into context, containing as it does further extracts from that 2011 ev thread on an Occult forum.

The third and the fourth items are parts one and two of Concerning The Meaning of The Nine Angles: A Collection of Texts, issued in 120 yf and 121 yf respectively, that is in 2009 ev and 2010 ev. Part One consists of a polemic text (Ingrowing Angles, or How Not to Name Thee Nine Angles Thingy, written in 2009 ev) and two esoteric texts, The Order of Nine Angles in Historical, and Esoteric, Context, and The Nine Angles – Just One More Causal Symbology. Part Two consists of one esoteric text, The Nine Angles – Beyond The Causal Continuum, issued in 121 yf, and concerns the “angles” as causal-acausal “dimensions”, which differ from causal dimensions in that they are “alchemical” and thus presence or can presence Life.

The fifth item, The Five-Dimensional Sorcery of the Seventh Way, written in 116 yf (2005 ev) concerns the nine angles in the context of sorcery.

The sixth item, Debunking The Chaos: Sorcery and the Esoteric Nature of The Acausal, written in 122 yf, concerns sorcery as a living alchemy, and is a companion to the fifth item.

The seventh item, The Star Game: Further Notes Regarding The Esoteric Form, written in 121 yf, provides some practical notes regarding constructing and playing The Star Game.

            The items thus reveal how the “nine angles” can be understood both exoterically and esoterically, as well as how they can be understood both in terms of practical sorcery (such as The Star Game, or the various forms of the Rite Of Nine Angles) and in terms of the esoteric philosophy of the O9A.

However, as noted in many of the texts, in the simplest sense the “nine angles” of the O9A are the nine combinations of the three fundamental alchemical elements Sulphur, Mercury, and Salt, whose transformations over the seven boards of the O9A Star Game represent the septenary Tree of Wyrd and thus the nexion which is our psyche.


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