Book Review: Feond, and Baeldraca

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Baeldraca Book


Feond: Order Of Nine Angles – Toward Internal Adept,
2019, 110 pages, ISBN 978-1687255624

Baeldraca: Order Of Nine Angles,
2019, 105 pages, ISBN 978-1689931953

With the publication in 2019 of two printed books about the O9A – Feond, and Baeldraca – the public profile of the O9A is taken to the “next level”. A level beyond the type of satanism and the neo-nazi occultism that the O9A is, rightly or wrongly, notorious for, and thus beyond the texts contained in much earlier books such as Naos, The Black Book of Satan, and Hostia.

The new books, which compliment each other, contain a selection of post-2012 texts which deal with O9A occultism and traditions, and the knowledge and the understanding expected of the O9A Internal Adept, the stage – on the O9A Seven Fold Way – beyond the early stages of Initiate and External Adept and which early stages books such as Hostia deal with.

Most of the knowledge imparted in the two hundred or so pages of these new books will be unfamiliar to those students of the occult, and to academics, who have concentrated on studying the Qabalah based and “goetic” traditions of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn and of the likes of Mr Aleister Crowley and Michael Aquino. The knowledge will also be unfamiliar to those who follow or who study the modern ‘satanism’ of showman Howard Stanton Levey, better known under his alias of Anton LaVey.

The post-2012 texts will also disappoint those who expect to find ‘satanic rituals’ or heretical diatribes, for when not eruditely informing readers about obscure occult topics – such as sorcery in Virgil’s Aeneid, or the Greek origin of the name Baphomet – the texts deal with esoteric philosophy and how O9A esotericism and methods are related to Hellenic and Hermetic mysticism, to Renaissance alchemy, and to the neglected paganism of a septenary anados or quest. That most of the texts includes copious footnotes containing references to other O9A texts and to works such as the Corpus Hermeticum, will also deter many readers.

In consequence the books are niche products and well express the pagan, classical, Western, notion of καλὸς κἀγαθός which, as texts such as the one titled Appreciating καλὸς κἀγαθός and the O9A in the Feond book describe, could be considered to reveal the type of personal character which it is one of the main aims of the O9A Seven Fold Way to encourage and create.

Which character is the opposite of the egoistic type encouraged by the likes of Crowley, by Levey and by modern practitioners of a Hebrew indebted qabalistic Left Hand Path. A difference that Anton Long and those of the “inner O9A” {1} have pointed out many times before and after 2012. {2}

In regard to satanism and neo-nazism, the text The Alleged National Socialism Of The O9A in the Feond book references neglected explanations by “Anton Long” in the early 1990s. Which explanations are that both satanism and neo-nazism are considered to be causal forms, ideas, which could be used to achieve certain Aeonic – “sinister” – goals or which can be useful as Insight Roles, as learning experiences, by the Initiate or the External Adept.
“To achieve the strategic goals, certain tactics have to be used. This means involvement ‘in the world’ by some individuals/members – for instance, the disruption of society, the creation/manipulation of certain forms.” {3}

To conclude, the books will be useful not only to those, such as students of the occult and academics, who seek to understand the O9A, its traditions and occult roots and how it differs from other modern occult groups and movements, but also to those who have begun their own anados, their own journey, or who are considering making such a journey, along the difficult, the dangerous, O9A Seven Fold Way

R Parker
September 2019 ev

{1} The Inner O9A – also known as the Inner ONA – is the exoteric name given to a small group of individuals who were recruited or trained or guided by “Anton Long” and who have achieved the Grade of Internal Adept or (more recently) who follow the O9A Rounwytha tradition. They are all personally known to each other and have an established tradition of meeting every three or so years at a Sunedrion, often at Oxford following the end of Trinity Term.

The short story Sunedrion – A Wyrdful Tale fictionalizes one such Sunedrion, and is available at

{2} Refer to O9A texts such as (i) Culling As Art, (ii) The De-Evolutionary Nature of Might is Right, (iii) The Gentleman’s – and Noble Ladies – Brief Guide to The Dark Arts, and (iv) The Puffery That Is The Satanic Bible.

The texts are usefully collected in a pdf document:

See also:

{3} Letter dated 6th September 1992 eh and addressed to a Mr Austen, quoted in Feond.


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