Anti-O9A Propaganda Exposed

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Anti-O9A Propaganda Exposed

Since the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) publicly and controversially emerged on the Occult scene in the 1980s – with its affirmation that human sacrifice was part of traditional Satanism, and with its Mass Of Heresy in praise of Hitler – many self-professed modern ‘satanists’ (who follow the modern materialistic, law-abiding, ‘satanism’ developed by Howard Stanton Levey, aka Anton LaVey) and many self-professed followers of the modern, kabbalah indebted, Left Hand Path invented by the likes of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Aquino’s Temple of Set, have spread propaganda and lies about the O9A.

For the fact is that the O9A presented “a dangerous and extreme form of Satanism” {1} and directly challenged both the modern materialistic ‘satanism’ developed by Levey and the modern, kabbalah indebted, Left Hand Path with its Hebrew Otz Chim.

Thus it is not surprising that the anti-O9A crowd, following or indebted to or inspired by Levey-type ‘satanism’ – or following or indebted to or inspired by a kabbalah indebted Left Hand Path – would spread such propaganda and lies about the O9A.

For O9A folk were – in all but name – modern Occult heretics, given their promotion of National Socialism, given their holocaust denial, given their affirmation of the necessity of human sacrifice; given their tough physical challenges such as spending at least three months living alone in the wilderness; and given their practical Insight Roles lasting around a year whose “sinister-numinous” options included being an assassin or a burglar or a monk or a medic or a police officer.

O9A folk were also heretical in terms of their Occult philosophy, promoting a septenary system in place of the accepted Hebrew Otz Chim with its ten-fold sephera (a Hebrew system used by all non-o9a modern Occultists) and claiming that their septenary system represented the genuine Western Occult tradition and pre-dated the Hebrew Otz Chim by centuries.

We present here a few of the most popular propaganda statements made, and lies spread, about the O9A by the anti-O9A crowd, together with the “heretical reality” which debunks each of those propaganda statements and lies.


The O9A In Practice

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In view of all the ‘theoretical’ and ‘mystical’ Occult articles recently published by O9A advocates – including ourselves – it seems only right and fitting to balance these with reminders of what the O9A, in practical terms, is all about in the real world.

It is about exeatic – antinomian – practical personal experiences some of which experiences may be considered by some to be “extremist” or “illegal” and thus “criminal”. It is about enduring and learning from the consequences if things go wrong or you make a mistake.

It is about Insight Roles, about gaining real-life experience by living a specific role for a period of six to eighteen months; such a role as challenges the initiate to experience something completely different from their normal life and which both aids the Sinister Dialectic and enhances their personal experience.

It is about undertaking such practical experiences and roles using one’s own name and not hiding behind pseudonyms. It is about accepting certain physical challenges which test one’s endurance and desire and commitment to “the sinister”.

At the present time many O9A advocates are of the opinion that the best illustration of what the O9A means in practical terms is the documented life of “Anton Long” who, for instance, spent thirty years as a violent neo-nazi extremist, who during that time led a criminal gang of thieves; who then spent ten years openly supporting and inciting Muslim Jihad and “suicide attacks”, and who during that time traveled to Muslim lands preaching Jihad. Who also created and directed some things, such as the O9A,

“which can disrupt our societies and which can lead to the creation of strong, really dangerous, ruthless individuals; some things which are so subversive that no laws could ever outlaw them, and that attempts to restrain them, to outlaw them, would only make them more attractive to some individuals.”

David Myatt

He has been described as an “extremely violent, intelligent, dark, and complex individual” and which description of a violent, dark and complex individual seems to fit the profile of someone who is O9A.

When his active, antinomian, documented life is compared to the documented life of Howard Levey (aka Anton LaVey) it is clear that – to paraphrase an article in the book The Two Types Of Satanism (pdf) – Levey was a charlatan, and “all mouth and trousers”, while Myatt was a violent extremist, a terrorist, who gained real-life experience by assuming, for years on end, various challenging and practical roles both ‘sinister’ and ‘numinous’.

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