O9A Q & A 2019

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O9A Questions And Answers 2019

The following recent questions and answers about the Order of Nine Angles (O9A,ONA) have been purloined from e-mails sent to and replies sent from a temporary contact e-mail address privately circulated – for example to an academic, and to the journalist who wrote the November 2018 Quietus article titled Beyond The Iron Gates: How Nazi-Satanists Infiltrated the UK Underground – and which contact e-mail address also briefly appeared on the omega9alpha weblog for a few weeks in 2019 following the mention of the O9A in mainstream British newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph, The Sun, The Guardian and The Independent.

This text is the last volume in the Q & A series and thus supplements previous Some Questions and Answers About The Order of Nine Angles published in the years 2013-2017. {1}


{1} https://www.o9a.org/o9a-q-a/


2019 Q & A Contents:

§ O9A Texts: Where To Begin?
§ Evolving Beyond The Original Satanic Paradigm?
§ Revisiting The Perennial Nine Angles Question
§ The Neo-Nazism Of The O9A
§ Appendix I: Two O9A Grade Rituals
§ Appendix II: The O9A Code Of Kindred Honour
§ Appendix III: O9A Q &A Series Contents


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