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A new 110 page book titled Feond containing some of the more arcane post-2011 (ev) O9A texts has been published and is available both as a gratis open access (pdf) document and as a printed book.

Feond is an old Anglo-Saxon word – variously meaning “fiend” or “devil” or “foe” or “an enemy” – and is appropriate given how the O9A is often perceived by other Occultists and by the mainstream media.

The target audience of the book are those who have an interest in learning about a (non-Magian) Western esoteric tradition with roots in Greco-Roman culture, Hellenistic mysticism, and Renaissance Occultism, and/or those who are already associated with the O9A movement and who aspire to, or have already achieved, the O9A grade of Internal Adept.

Feond. Toward Internal Adept

Rachael Stirling, Feond: Order Of Nine Angles – Toward Internal Adept
, ISBN-13: 978-1687255624.



° Preface
° O9A 101
° The Esoteric Learning Presenced Through Pathei-Mathos
° The Seven Fold Way Of The Order Of Nine Angles:
I. The Seven Stages
II. Insight Roles
III. Grade Rituals
IV. The Septenary System
V. Self-Initiation
VI. The Rounwytha Option
VII. An O9A Occult Rite
° The Deofel Quintet
° Labyrinthos Mythologicus
° The Tree Of Wyrd And The Star Game
° The Aesthetic Of The O9A
° The Avenging Alastoras
° The Numinous, Empathy, And The O9A
° The Nine Angles And Acausal Energy
° Appreciating καλὸς κἀγαθός and the O9A
° Mimesis, Sinister Sorcery, And Anglicized Names
° Archaic Spelling In O9A Esoteric Tradition
° Western Pagan Curses And Invocations
° Notes On The Corpus Hermeticum
° Non-English Names And Terms In O9A Tradition
° The O9A Art Of Shrenching
° The Alleged National Socialism Of The O9A
° De Vita Coelitus Comparanda
° Esoteric Note On The Somnium Scipionis Of Cicero
° Esoteric Calender Dates and Aural Traditions
° Sorcery In Virgil’s Aeneid
° Baphomet – An Esoteric Signification
° Appendix: The Geryne of Satan


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