In Pursuit of Evil

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The media offers simple illusions for the techno-proles, giving them a hope that the situation is handled and they can go back to moral and intellectual sleep, while carefully distracting from the ongoing collapse of civilization and extinction of humanity.

To do this successfully, one must play to the sense of self-pity of the audience. Bored, unfulfilled, directionless, lazy, demoralized, and atomized, they are looking for scapegoats, and to fit into an egalitarian society, they style themselves as victims.

They have little choice, of course. They either admit that like most of humanity, most of which is third world status, they are doing something wrong, or find someone to blame. By styling themselves as victims, they can feel better about their confused minds and blame others.

In an egalitarian civilization, the weak take from the strong, so those who want to succeed learn early on to identify with victims. Over time this becomes an easy answer for everything and so they bond with others in alienation and scapegoating.

The media preaches to this mentality because the media must sell products. To sell a product, you recast what people already believe as something exotic and tantalizing, knowing that they will lap it up in order to enjoy confirmation of their bias.

Through this process we get rambling denunciations of the O9A:

O9A’s true size is unknown and its beliefs vary widely, but a common goal is to join a gang, terrorist plot, police force, or military unit, then stir as much chaos as possible to accelerate the fall of western civilization.

Because of its cell structure and the ability for young men to radicalize themselves online, it is difficult to know who is for real and who is pretending…But in recent years, O9A materials have been found in the search history and homes of men in North America and Western Europe who were charged with terror offenses.

Never forget, normies: we aspire to evil. Good, as defined by you people, consists of denying reality and especially Darwinism, simply so that the group can have a false sense of unity and be easily controlled through symbols.

This control does not have one controller… it has as many as there are voters. People, in an attempt to avoid being seen for their failures, campaign against competence and strength, identifying as victims and blaming whoever is stronger, richer, smarter, or more competent.

Our human herd is self-manipulating and self-deluding. To manipulate others they play the victim while pursuing their own self-interest, fooling the credulous, and then convince others to join them in misery so they can talk about how bad life is and how good Utopia will be.

It is a mistake to read this as ideology. It is social compensation behavior, and it is how every human society so far has found itself chasing non-problems through government, eventually bankrupting itself, genetically destroying itself, and ending up a third world grey person wasteland.

We stand against this process. We embrace Darwinism, reject “good” and “evil” as anything but tokens of manipulation, and stand for hard consequentialist realism that measures our actions by their results. If you kill billions for a better world, that is not to be feared.

We reject your society of meritocracy, workaholism, consumerism, codependent relationships, television-watching, and endless pity. We embrace strength and reject weakness; the strong should take from the weak, and the best must oppress the rest.

Your option, the rest oppressing the best, leads to incompetence, weakness, and an absolute lack of meaning or purpose to life. We reject this. We reject your humanism, the idea that everyone is important, and most of all the Big Lie, “equality.”

We deny Utopia. Life is as it has always been. We either accept this and work with it or become something worse than evil, reality-deniers who leave collateral damage in their wake and eventually grind society and our species down into hominid-level selfish bloated zombies.

We aspire to ultimate evil. We wish to be free from the judgment of others and to make our peace with nature, eternity, reality, and the ancient gods. We cast aside your Abrahamic belief in pity and control, embrace strength, and open our arms to the infinite darkness.

Occult Metal

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The term “occult” refers to what is hidden, and like “esoteric” implies that which rests in plain sight awaiting our ability to understand it. Nothing hid gravity, electricity, magnetism, and nuclear fusion from us, but it took us centuries to understand what we saw.

In the same way, spiritual truths remain hidden. To those who understand the nature of Godhead, the unity of Satan and God makes perfect sense, and the moralistic personal deity of the Abrahamic religions falls like members of Hamas gunned down on the border.

Darwinism similarly hides in plain sight. To those who can think it through, it represents a perfected system that improves quality and reduces costs much like capitalism. It involves predation and culling of the weak, so the herd fears it.

In permanent agricultural civilization, understanding of reality — as a nihilist I reject universal “truth” — remains sequestered as the ultimate taboo. Civilizations do not want reality; they want compromise, pacifism, and pluralism so everyone “gets along together.”

To peer under the mile-wide inch-deep surface of human existence is to encounter occult notions. Some metal bands do this, and we celebrate them for their honesty and perception, even while knowing that only natural aristocrats have any interest in such things.


This Texas band combines rabid anti-Christianity and dogmatic realism with an interest in the possibilities beyond the visible. It also creates one of the most implacable visions of a world where conflict, not peace, is the foundation, and ruthless extermination of the weak leads to a great clarity and competence.


One of the few bands to encode occult ideas without mentioning them constantly by name and symbol, Sacramentum writes allegorical lyrics that match music which is simultaneously reductive and elegantly complex, using melody to bring out the potential in life hidden beneath the paranoid antirealism of the Crowd.


Creating architectures out of simple melodies that expand into odd harmonies which touch the dissonant and then return to a savage simplicity, Gorgoroth created metal to mirror the patterns and cycles of nature while affirming the importance of the Left Hand Path.


Merging Buddhist mysticism with LaVeyian Satanism, Beherit explored the ancient rites and rituals of past civilizations through music, bringing forth the idea of a world kept in balance only by necessary evil consuming an excess of good.


This band got in trouble for admonishing others in the scene for their “obviously Jewish behavior” and wrote a song about race war, but the majority of their material seems designed to wake up an oversocialized, pacifistic, and neurotic bourgeois population to the world outside the confines of peer pressure, marketing, and compromise.


Emerging out of the Unabomber years, Infester created a type of atmospheric death metal which glorified in the decline of civilized behavior and looked toward the horrors of internal animalism as a clearer sight of what was real and important, mixing the pounding of percussive death metal with the unsettling ambient melancholy of black metal to come.


With an aggressive approach to guitar-driven black metal with whispering vocals describing a mostly lunar mythos of evil as the force against entropy in the universe, this US-based band made soundtracks to emerging darkness which consume the listener with an abandonment of conventional morality and notions of a personal god.


Outright motivated by a Nietzschean dislike of Christianity, this band helped with the founding of the death metal genre through a tremolo-driven, bass-intense style of gurgling and roaring metal that knitted together complex little symphonies of oppositional riffs in a style inspired by Celtic Frost that went even further in forming a new musical language.


While not explicitly occult, Slayer invoked themes from Milton and Crowley as a way of undermining the modern mythos of a consumer-driven individualistic society where people ignored history, myth, and legend. This band brought back the ancient feelings through ripping apart the fragile veil of illusion in which most people live.


Imaginative noctilucent epics of the rise of evil accompany lengthy riffs that aim for a seductive removal of daylight consciousness and the emergence of the beast within man, portraying a vast world-building impulse that combines magic, folklore, and occult evil to portray a world far removed from the commercial and symbolic cosmopolitan Potemkin metroplex of our era.


While this band focused more on condemning the Christian version of God and summoning instead an order where the ancient gods came forth to slaughter the unworthy, its thundering precision metal served mostly to cast aside the shackles of conventional morality and embrace a world in which humans could admit their naturalistic impulse to power and independence.


Working within the Hindu mythos, Rudra invokes the morality of the past which did not focus on good and evil so much as an attempt to make an order of the whole which perpetuated itself with strength. Their imaginative riff-working fits together into songs where the seemingly obvious falls away and unveils a labyrinth of ambiguity.

Killing Is Neither Bad Nor Good

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Following up on a post from yesterday, what does it mean to be ends-over-means instead of means-over ends?

Let us take a simple example: killing. The difference between murder, self-defense, killing, war, and execution are a matter of semantics written into law and politics by the emotional needs of a tribe. Morality is cultural, and culture is genetic.

  • Means-over-Ends says that killing as a method is wrong and therefore it can never be done except to stop other killings; it needs to be able to kill in order to keep killing sacred even if it is normally a negative thing.
  • Ends-over-Means says that the morality of a killing depends on who is killed and if things get better afterwards; if you snuff an innocent, nothing improves, but if you kill a killer, retard, criminal, insane person, parasite, or idiot, life improves.

Naturally the herd fears the latter because this says that people have unequal value, which is definitely true whenever we all gather to do a task. Some are really good at it and valued, others are terrible, and most of us are in the middle somewhere.

One may not like the conclusion that ends-over-means is a superior way to think, but it does not like means-over-ends run into paradox. It does not demonize the method, only asks that the goal conform to a mission and produce better results in reality.

Most human beings cannot understand this distinction, which explains one solid reason why humanity ruling itself has never worked out. For now, let us let this thought hang in the air until its meaning reveals itself.

All In Satan

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We need, at some point, to talk about morality. Morality means the rules that guide you for the sake of things other than yourself. Some like a morality based in the results of our actions, and others like a morality based in our intentions.

Intentions do not equal reality, however, and many of us hold that because of that disparity, a morality of intentions often leads to its opposite in reality. For example, rent control was meant to keep prices low, but instead created slums and new, more expensive luxury housing.

In another example, making narcotics illegal caused them to be valuable, which created an economy around them which soon eclipsed any enforcement efforts. Attempts to ban pornographic books have merely turned them into contraband and ensured their survival.

We can see other examples too. Making certain kinds of securities highly regulated caused the market to pursue new types that were not so easily restrained. Making religious dogma canon caused fragmentation in the church.

Thus we see how intention-based morality tends to invert itself. It tries to stop an effect as if it were a cause, but the cause remains, so the effect takes a new form in a type of psychological torment like the old game Whack-a-Mole.

Results-based morality tends to work as a filter. You reward the landlords who provide quality housing at low cost by granting them new privileges. You hire the people who are not on drugs. You socially promote the people who do not have pornographic books.

Even more, this tends toward ends-over-means, or the spirit of the law above the letter of the law. If a securities firm aims toward ethical trading, it becomes trusted and endures. If religion has a purpose, all sects eventually come together on a shared core belief.

In other words, in results-based morality we submit to reality instead of humanity. We look toward having a goal that joins us with reality in a sense of purpose and a recognition of our minimal status as animals adapting to our environment.

To a results-based moralist, only results-based morality is moral because it affects the lives of people, nature, and the fragile order that makes a civilization. Intentions do not matter because they do not directly influence people, but results sure do!

This means that to a results-based moralist, we do not need to like what we discover or think that other people will applaud it. It is what it is. Reality is bigger than us and we exist by its rules, not the other way around.

Luciferians branch off from mainstream religion because we believe in results-based morality and therefore, are not willing to assign humanity the highest position in reality. Our view is what was normal until the Abrahamic religions took over with their intentions-based morality.

In the pagan view, nature and the divine are parallel, if not of the same substance. They act the same way. Humans are a small part, and what matters is making those humans survive in physical reality and grow in spiritual and mental strength.

The individualism — me first above all else — of the intentions-based moralists on the other hand diverges from nature. It posits that the divine uses an entirely different ruleset, and as a result physical reality is less important than the feelings of meaning from religion.

At an extreme level, individuals in the grip of this pathology live only to die for the promise of Heaven after death. The Satanist says that what happens after life is much like life, so there is no great sorting into “good” and “evil,” only continued adaptation to a new realm.

For pagans, all things existed in parallel. Many seed would fall, some would germinate, and only some would survive, but if each seed was a parallel, they knew that some seeds would make it to full plants. This meant an order beyond the visible.

In their view, all things had a purpose, but not all things would survive. The best would carry on and, because they were parallels, would carry on the spirit and essence of whatever their type was. If you have some seeds sprout, you have plants in the future.

When read in the context of their original writings, most religions in fact embrace this order beneath reality that parallels reality:

The original scriptures of most religions are poetical and unsystematic. Theology, which generally takes the form of a reasoned commentary on the parables and aphorisms of the scriptures, tends to make its appearance at a later stage of religious history. The Bhagavad-Gita occupies an intermediate position between scripture and theology; for it combines the poetical qualities of the first with the clear-cut methodicalness of the second. The book may be described, writes Ananda K. Coomaraswamy in his admirable Hinduism and Buddhism, “as a compendium of the whole Vedic doctrine to be found in the earlier Vedas, Brahmanas and Upanishads, and being therefore the basis of all the later developments, it can be regarded as the focus of all Indian religion” is also one of the clearest and most comprehensive summaries of the Perennial Philosophy ever to have been made. Hence its enduring value, not only for Indians, but for all mankind.

At the core of the Perennial Philosophy we find four fundamental doctrines.

  1. The phenomenal world of matter and of individualized consciousness — the world of things and animals and men and even gods — is the manifestation of a Divine Ground within which all partial realities have their being, and apart from which they would be non-existent.
  2. Human beings are capable not merely of knowing about the Divine Ground by inference; they can also realize its existence by a direct intuition, superior to discursive reasoning. This immediate knowledge unites the knower with that which is known.
  3. Man possesses a double nature, a phenomenal ego and an eternal Self, which is the inner man, the spirit, the spark of divinity within the soul. It is possible for a man, if he so desires, to identify himself with the spirit and therefore with the Divine Ground, which is of the same or like nature with the spirit.
  4. Man’s life on earth has only one end and purpose: to identify himself with his eternal Self and so to come to unitive knowledge of the Divine Ground.

In Hinduism the first of these four doctrines is stated in the most categorical terms. The Divine Ground is Brahman, whose creative, sustaining and transforming aspects are manifested the Hindu trinity. A hierarchy of manifestations connects inanimate matter with man, gods, High Gods, and the undifferentiated Godhead beyond.

In Mahayana Buddhism the Divine Ground is called Mind or the Pure Light of the Void, the place of the High Gods is taken by the Dhyani-Buddhas.

Similar conceptions are perfectly compatible with Christianity and have in fact been entertained, explicitly or implicitly, by many Catholic and Protestant mystics, when formulating a philosophy to fit facts observed by super-rational intuition. Thus, for Eckhart and Ruysbroeck, there is an Abyss of Godhead underlying the Trinity, just as Brahman underlies Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Our work at the O9A consists of identifying the patterns of reality because in those we can read the divine, at least as far as our puny hairy little human brains allow us. We are basically really smart mice with opposable thumbs.

Heaven in this view is not a place we go to for obedience to morality, but our origin and destination, an amoral place like nature where we will struggle to come to know ourselves just as we do here.

When one embarks on a Left Hand Path, it is to cast aside morality of “good” and “evil” — these are intentions and judgments — for a morality of results. We are concerned with what works, not what people think about it, especially most people because they are blockheads.

We try not to be “offended” by what we discover, because offense is self-reducing like nihilism, meaning that once one embarks down that path, it will eventually turn on itself through inversion and come to mean something quite plain.

For example, a nihilist who starts out believing in nothing will eventually find that he has beliefs, opinions, and most of all, preferences. He has theories about how the world works and wants to test them. There is meaning, but not universal meaning; it is his alone.

Our society is so screwed up and brain damaged that common sense based on observing reality is anathematized, and people instead live in a consensual symbolic hallucination based on tokens of good and bad in terms of intention and method.

If you wonder why your society cannot seem to make any complex decision well, is overrun with various freaks and geeks betraying high mutation load, pursues an anti-culture of base hedonism, and self-destructs in pursuit of ideology, this is what you are seeing.

Satanism is realism, and from its metaphysical counterpart, Luciferianism, comes the Perennial Philosophy in a new form: the divine acts like nature, so the divine also has natural selection, and rewards competence while punishing incompetence.

This contradicts what you are taught in the Abrahamic religions which are based on bourgeois commercial reality, or the idea that we all exist as individualists advancing ourselves and nothing else is important, least of all shared things like culture, nature, civilization, and the divine.

We may not like what we have come to know as true, but this does not matter because we are not in the realm of intentions. We are in the world of what works versus what does not. “Good” and “evil” are just method-based categories for those.

Like many things, this is an esoteric path. It starts out baffling but as it comes to make more sense, new doors open. Souls are unequal; this varies with the ability, focus, and gumption of the person involved.

Those who stand against divergence of the divine and the physical assert that their way is a “higher” morality, but there can be no goodness in that which produces bad results and makes people suffer like Abrahamic religions, egalitarianism, and consumerism.

Ultimately humanity breaks down into two groups: those who see the purpose of life in life itself, and those who do not and substitute for it with a world of human judgments, emotions, and importance.

We stand against history, which for centuries has been headed toward civilization collapse, and for a positive future in which humanity overcomes its neurosis, its pathology of peer pressure, and the ideologies and religions which lead us into self-destruction.

This requires confronting some notions which are very taboo now, but were not so in saner times.

You will probably hear from many sources about how we are Nazis, jihadists, eugenicists, elitists, racists, and other nasty terms. All this means is that we recognize that reality is inherently unequal for a reason.

If the divine and nature are parallel, inequality is holy and equality is an artificial human pretense, a vanity that like all vanities leads us to deny what is real and pursue what is symbolic but unreal, to the ruin of all.

To escape the artificial, we must first accept that reality is more important than human feelings, and next, start discovering how to see the purpose of life in life itself. If the divine and nature are parallel, then there is a purpose to everything.

That requires we accept a very ancient concept, destiny. This means that we are born unequal, and some rise above others as a result of their abilities and inclinations, and we all benefit from having their leadership and competence.

We are far beyond what the worst bogeymen of humanity like Hitler could envision. We want the law of Darwin to apply to our thoughts, actions, and bodies. We want to refine ourselves as nature refines itself to be excellent, not tolerant, fat, oblivious, and selfish.

Once you get beyond the boundaries of intentions-based morality, it becomes clear that humanity is in a death spiral and needs to change its thinking to escape. We are that change. Right now, it will scare you, but as time goes on, its wisdom will become clearer.


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As usual, the O9A finds itself the focus on some rather nasty media commentary because this is a belief system and not a conventional “group” designed to sign up members, make money, and become codependent on raving and raging media headlines:

A post on another of Almeida’s alleged Instagram profiles showed him posing with ammunition strapped to his chest, in front of a black flag bearing the logo of the Order of Nine Angels (O9A), which prosecutors described as “a worldwide Satanist … group which embraces elements of neo-Nazism and white supremacy.”

When authorities searched Almeida’s home, they allegedly found hundreds of files containing child sex abuse material on four different devices — as well as books related to O9A and Satanism, according to court documents.

They also found a “blood covenant,” an O9A drawing of a hooded figure surrounded by the group’s symbols and smeared with what appears to be blood, the filings state.

Let us clarify this: the O9A is a religious movement, which is a type of philosophy, which means that we do not have “membership” per se nor do we approve of people who claim to be part of the O9A or participate in our rituals.

We understand the esoteric nature of the world which means that each person walks a different path, to some degree experiences a different reality, and can see more of what is real the more they learn, which is dependent also on character and intelligence.

Unlike exoteric belief systems which follow the bureaucratic model where everyone swears allegiance to some written text and are then presumed to be faceless NPCs carrying out the will of the organization behind the belief system, ours is an individual pursuit of clarity and sanity.

In that process, those of us familiar with the philosophy tend to advocate transgression, or violating the social constraints on certain methods in order to program us to be obedient cultists of modernity. Instead of “thou shalt not kill” you get “it depends.”

We recognize that life is a case-by-case basis. If someone kills an incompetent, parasite, idiot, retard, criminal, pervert, or promiscuous person, that represents higher genetic fitness for the group and therefore is a victory by the lights of both Darwinism and morality.

Some will take this to places that would not work for me. Involvement of children has no relevance to my quest, nor does any type of incel ideation. This is not because I disapprove of or are offended by these ideas, but because my quest does not involve them, at all.

As usual, the forces that be want to defame the O9A for saying out loud what the inner selves of the intelligent all affirm, which is that human life is not equally valuable nor are people equally competent. The strong must eat the weak so that all are stronger.

We suggest that the writers of this piece (a) acknowledge what an esoteric religious movement is vis-a-vis a membership-based political movement, (b) look into those black metal bands on the hats and shirts worn by this person, and (c) consider the difference between Satanism and Luciferianism.

As Luciferians, we believe in the bringing of light through pain. We oppose The Enlightenment™ as the usual false bourgeois version of a good thing, but seek understanding of the world and its works as a means of accumulating mental and physical power to shape the future.

We recognize that we live in a rotted world — falling just like Rome, Athens, and the Soviet Union — and its rules are designed to make us support it. They ban all methods except those that lead to approved thought, which results in egalitarian rules.

For example, a sane society would admit that some murders at least are not justified per se but are beneficial. If you kill a bad person, the goodness in the world increases, especially since they will not kill, molest, injure, or traumatize any good people from that point forward.

Our Sacrament of Culling addresses this issue. Removing less capable people from the world makes a next generation stronger. Unlike in human society, where the weak eat the strong, in nature the strong eat the weak, and this is the order to which we aspire.

Covenant of Lucifer

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Covenant of Lucifer: the logo of the Dark Legions Archive.

When the dust settles, future archaeologists will probably come to view our time as the era of conflict between naturalistic and urban philosophies. The former group like common sense, intuition, and natural order, while the latter like peer pressure and pluralism.

Naturalistic philosophies are based on natural order, or the way in which things work in nature that makes perfect logical sense despite being frightening (at first) to humans. Naturalistic types like social order that rewards good behavior and punishes bad.

Urban philosophies, often called bourgeois, are instead based on banishing the frightening and replacing it with the rules of human socializing. That is, you accept everyone and punish only those who upset the herd. Pluralism of this sort enables commerce and city living.

To naturalists, the urbanites seem to be insane, since by being tolerant, they allow bad behavior to slowly creep in and then become the norm, at which point civilization collapses. City people know little more than their jobs and social group, so they are oblivious to this risk.

Even more, cities breed people who are compliant and insensate to anything beyond their individualistic pursuits. As long as they have their jobs and stores, they are content, and they want no culture or natural order to restrain them from their vices and excesses.

Judeo-Christianity and the Abrahamic religions represent the farthest extend of the bourgeois urbanist philosophy. It essentially advocates mutual individualism, where each person does whatever they want as long as they tolerate others doing the same, and society funds these pursuits.

The bourgeois mentality involves means-over-ends philosophy based in following rules and procedures. As long as what they are doing fits within the law and they pay taxes, who cares why they do what they do, or what its long-term consequences are?

Jews seem to provoke lots of nasty behavior, so it makes sense to debunk them: they are merely mixed-race people selected for IQ by a few religious edicts. Comprised of Italian women and Asian men who later incorporated North African through Arab relations, they are the ultimate mutts.

Their religion, cobbled together from the ideas of Greece and Babylon with the controversial parts taken over, is based in moralism, or intolerance for those who are not individualists. Judaism is compensation for the crisis of mixing races, attempting to fix a confused situation.

The bad reactions to Jews generally come about because diversity fails in all forms, and Jews as a high-IQ group shaped by commerce are competent diversity, which makes them a threat. Much stupid murder and violence came about through the resentment thus engendered.

History tells us that the Jews arose at the intersection of trade routes between Europe, Asia, and Africa and their genetics reflect this. So does their culture, which emphasizes intelligence and moralism, making them a formidable competitor.

Birthed of commerce, Judaism as a religion, culture, and ethnic group emphasizes commercial morality. That is, you endorse individualism so that people buy your stuff and to baffle the herd with rules that make it easy to circumnavigate them. All individualists do this.

In this sense, Judaism is the ultimate expression of the bourgeois religion, but Christianity translated Judaism into a more idealistic and less racially-centered philosophy. For this reason, it infected the world because it was an easy answer for keeping the proles in line.

Bourgeois morality, because it is based in individualism, emphasizes the “Golden Rule”: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This allows mutual individualism and avoids interrupting commerce and socializing with questions of what is right as a forward-looking goal.

Instead it is defensive. Religions of this nature consist of rules, since they are means-over-ends and not ends-over-means philosophies geared toward the why and long term, most of which focus on protecting the individualism of others.

The rabid surfacing of Judeo-Christianity — dislike of homosexuals, personal relationship with God, and a raving egalitarianism that finds abortion appalling but sees the poor as simply lesser people — exists merely to conceal its core, which is a me-first philosophy based on narcissism.

Most likely this transition came about because of a great cataclysm long ago described by Plato when people forgot about transcendent forward goals and instead focused on pluralism so that society could maintain minimum function. Naturalism carries forth the search for the transcendent.

Christianity, by its nature of dividing the world into Heaven-like purity and Earth-like impurity, does not embrace the transcendent but in fact rejects it. All bourgeois philosophies do this: they ban certain methods that are feared in order to induce obedience in the rest.

This went farthest with Political Correctness, which admitted that it wanted to ban certain words and ideas so that people would choose from what remained, forcing them into a mentality compatible with egalitarianism and therefore, programming their minds for control.

Numerous people have tried to reprogram individualism into something better. American rugged individualism emphasized self-sufficiency; Bill and Ted demanded we be “excellent” to each other, not just equal; Kant suggested we act as if our actions became “universal maxim.”

These differ from the Golden Rule in that they are not individualistic. Excellence means more than treating people fairly, but making the whole of society excellent. Universal maxim refers to how the world works, not merely an interaction between people.

For example, under the Judeo-Christian view, you tolerate criminals in the hope that their equal souls someday get their act together. In the Kantian view, you remove threats; in the Bill and Ted view, criminals conflict with excellence and presumably would be removed.

Naturalists would say however that this needs to go even further. In order to maintain excellence and competent universal maxim, order is needed, and order must defy individualism: some humans are good and useful, where others are malevolent, cowardly, subversive, or incompetent.

Luciferians and Satanists add naturalist morality back into the Christian “be nice to everyone” and the Bill, Ted, and Kant “act for excellence as a universal maxim,” bringing in the ancient rule known as the Lex Talionis, or the Covenant of Lucifer:

talion, Latin lex talionis, principle developed in early Babylonian law and present in both biblical and early Roman law that criminals should receive as punishment precisely those injuries and damages they had inflicted upon their victims. Many early societies applied this “eye-for-an-eye” principle literally.

In ancient Palestine, injury and bodily mutilation, as well as theft, were considered private wrongs. As such, the matter was settled not by the state but between the person who inflicted the injury and the one injured, an attitude that also prevailed in early Rome. Talion was the ultimate satisfaction a plaintiff might demand but was not mandatory; the injured person could obtain satisfaction with money if he wished.

On the principle that two different persons could not have exactly the same bodily members, the Palestinian sages enacted a law by which the injured party could not demand an eye from the person who caused the loss of his eye but could demand the value of his eye. This led to the abolition of talion in Palestine. By the 5th century bc in Rome, fines known as delicts had begun to replace talion in many instances, though the concept of talion did reemerge in medieval Germany and in some areas of Scandinavia in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The ancient Arabs in Palestine, who are partial ancestors of the Jews of today (along with minority Berber, Han Chinese, and Italian), changed the law from punishing the bad to fining the bad, at which point bad became accepted as a form of good, so long as the tax and remuneration was paid.

As the historical view shows us, times of greater sanity like the medieval era showed a return of the Law of Talion. It turns out that tolerating the bad means that they keep doing bad, and like Hillary Clinton, you may rarely if ever catch them red-handed.

Read most properly, the Law of Talion states a need to remove those who are bad or so incompetent that they cause injury. This law was probably itself a degraded remnant of the ancient Indo-European idea that criminals, incompetents, retards, and the insane were killed to keep population health.

In this way, the ancient rule united morality and eugenics in a realistic system that opposed the universal tolerance based in individualism of the bourgeois urbanites. Instead of keeping the bad around, the ancient world simply removed them.

Ironically this produced the closest humanity has come to equality of ability and therefore, approximate equality of outcome. When you remove the incompetents and criminals, everyone else has roughly the same abilities and therefore is able to succeed. You have no underclass of ineptitude.

All modern systems represent an attempt to make the urbanist rule work, where those who think clearly want the naturalistic one. Like all figures of the occult, Satan represents a Promethean who brings an unpopular truth to a humanity in narcissistic denial.

The Covenant of Lucifer enables us to understand the infinite wisdom of Darwinism. Try everything; keep what works. The creatures that adapt and sustain themselves are functional, but those that are dependent on the cities are not, including the incompetent, bad, insane, and so forth.

The O9A recognizes the need for preemptive Law of Talion through culling purges of the bad and incompetent (these terms are roughly conflatable, since the incompetent create bad results, and the bad promote incompetence so they can hide their bad deeds).

The Darwinistic aspects come from the recognition that with permanent civilization humanity needs a replacement for natural selection. About a fifth of every generation will be born bad, whether from mutation or low character of the parents, and they must be sent away or otherwise removed.

When understood properly, the Lex Talionis is not about revenge, but about raising the cost of bad behavior. It is intolerance in its purest form: those who work toward our shared goal are good, where those who thwart our goal, whether intentionally or not, are an enemy.

It answers the question of “Might is Right” versus “everyone is a precious snowflake” by saying that order and function are right. Whatever increases our function as individuals and civilization is good, and that which impedes it must be removed.

Naturalists see nature as pure function and therefore, find transcendental beauty in function and an equivalent to evil in dysfunction. Whether this is sweeping the streets or organizing civilization toward greatness, this naturalism promotes the strong and smashes the weak.

To us, removing the weak is a good thing; it removes impediments to the good and allows it to become more good, just like removing everyone under 115 IQ points means that the remaining people are roughly similar in intelligence and able to cooperate more fully.

City people advocate mutual tolerance. This makes sense to those who live in fear. However, mutual tolerance means accepting bad elements that have not been described by law, and those eventually take over, which is why all great civilizations so far have collapsed into third world level ruins.

Those of us who gather under the banner of the Magus recognize that life should be feared but embraced; this is the transcendent view, which says that nature and the cosmos are not just functional but optimal, and in their wisdom we can find some for ourselves.

By embracing the Covenant of Lucifer, we proclaim that we are ready for an infinite future and a society which will rise higher than any before. It says a great deal about those who oppose us that they fear this eventuality.

Beyond the Binary

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To students of language, the enduring mystery of words entices and provokes us. The terms which mean the most — spirit, truth, good, information — remain the most inscrutable, but are also found at the core of almost everything that we do. It is as if we are speaking a language we do not understand.

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Descent in Flames

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All literature — this includes religion — focuses on the Greater War inside our heads. This is the point that Ur-Mah is trying to make on this site, although Nameless Therein adds the second component to this, which is that mental clarity leads to decisive action in the real world.

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Almost there

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We laugh at those who write more than they do.

We laugh at those who would dare start a nexion without reaching the physical standards of the o9a.

We laugh at those who claim to have run a nexion yet do not know the least of leading or organizing people or resources.

We laugh at those who cynically go through esoteric procedures while holding on to a fearful materialistic mindset, not rational enough to discard nonsensical visualization exercises, but not invested enough to break the veil into paranormal reality.

We laugh at those who make up esoteric procedures but remain dependent on the tool as if the tool were the essence.

We laugh at those who claim entry into the ranks of Internal Adepts yet transparently still think of others and of themselves in terms of archetypal categories while claiming the contrary, and thus getting trapped in the vicious cycle of repression and possession, those who fail to rein-in the archetype and rule over it for its usefulness to themselves.

We laugh at those who claim entry into the grade of Master or Mistress of the Earth but who still struggle with financial affairs and matters of identity, who is not a leader nor a prize of the flesh. A Master or Mistress of the Earth should already be at the top of the world, a physical ordeal does not bestow this, but Financial Independence, an untouchable sense of identity, and potent and deep charisma do.

We laugh at he who claims the title of Magus and who holds on to abstractions like “honor” and threaten slaves and sheep with “duels with mortal weapons”, and is willing to put his own life and that of another on the line and at mortal risk for the sake of such an abstraction.

We laugh at those who make up legends about immigrant-killing super-Satanists hiding in the mountains and work themselves up to the illusion of being international spies instead of simply enjoying the beauty and magic of those mountains in silence and self-honesty. Stop holding group Zen meditations up there, and instead hold orgies for Satan where those crystals are supposed to be buried. Actual SEX MAGICK, motherfuckers!

We raise our chalices in honor of that actual Magus who knew not to take his rituals, or others, or himself, as a static identity, and instead knew how to build a tangible empire out of the ashes through sheer Willpower and magical application to the point where neither he nor his family will ever want for anything material.

We raise our chalices in honor of the only real God-in-the-Flesh to grace the o9a community who moves among the American shadows raising the Dead into Eternal Life and damning the self-damning into Oblivion beyond Hell. May the Blood flow eternally into and through you, Oh Master!

May the o9a one day grow up beyond esoteric chants and crystals, beyond japes and sunedrions of little boy and girl scouts.

May the o9a one day grow up and discover that power lies within the ground they stand on and the laws and currency the common man and woman make up not as gods to worship nor as unclean objects to avoid but as resources to create the reality you choose.

May the o9a one day grow up beyond their obsession with being Mamma’s special boy or Pappa’s special girl (the vast majority of o9a members being Enneagram Type 4s, with differing degrees of pathology), and they learn that power lies in developing bonds with the common man and woman as a source of love and tribute and work.

May the o9a one day grow up and realize there is no merit in being different but only in being useful to others but mainly to yourself.

May the o9a one day grow up and realize that what they do does not change nor reflect who or what they are, and that no matter how low their actions have taken them, it is always possible to change what you decide to do and what you make of yourself without inviting guilt or sadness.

May the o9a one day grow up and realize their own methods show not that “an individual reveals their essence through their actions”, but that the past does not need to define the future, that every decision is taken now, and that you can make yourself anew at every moment of existence.


May the o9a one day wake up to the fact that Life is not to be judged nor suffered through, but enjoyed and cherished, that we can choose not to self-punish but to maximize joy and revel in survival and pleasure.


May the o9a one day remember they were not supposed to be sad singing-trekking Gnostics longing for a reality that exists only in an imaginary “green ray”, but Satanists surging with the ecstasy of power, sex, and triumph as pure joy altering the world to suit their individuality.

That the o9a has “moved on” from Satanism only shows they have misunderstood Satanism by fomenting psychopathy and misnaming it Satanism.

This has caused the embracing of anti-Life ideologies that surreptitiously have crawled into the o9a mindset through neo-nazi circles with ties to Gnosticism and ancient Greco-Roman ideas meant to manipulate soldiers and the populace into self-sacrifice.

Today, to be “inner o9a” seems to imply sadness, fatigue, and tears. Further, it seems to come with an insufferable mixture of self-absorption and self-pitying, defensiveness holding up frail personalities who bounce back from their depression with physical training and psychological self-delusion.

Those of us who have evolved through and from the old-school o9a trend, presently invaded by depressive post-suicidal personalities, are ushering in a new era of Earthly Conquest, of accomplishment, of legalistic and economic power to come not in a hypothetical distant future hidden in the mists of time, but NOW AND IN YOUR LIFETIME — because THERE IS NO OTHER TIME BUT NOW.

Re-discover Life, and know that YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

You can BE HERE for yourself, at the door of your senses, beyond your senses.

Build faith on the back of your actual accomplishments in this world NOW.


Nexion of Ur



PS. We know Team Depression will answer with pseudo-intellectual/literate posts trying to fill the room we stand in with boring-ass platitudes up to our necks, but we all know how weak and meaningless these are, in the end, as they don’t change the reality of things.

Library essentials

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May these serve you well:

  • Novalis – Henry of Ofterdingen (1800)
  • Carl Gustav Jung – The Psychology of the Unconscious (1912) *
  • Wolfram von Eschenbach – Parzival (1210) **


* Decapitates Freud in one fell swoop and makes clear the Aryan understanding of mind and energy, though stated in materialist (“scientific”) terms.

** Of Wolfram’s Parzival, Miguel Serrano has written that the only comparable work to it are J.S. Bach’s masterful fugues. Also, it is the inspiration for Hermann Hesse’s Klingsor’s Last Summer, and is essential alchemical reading for anyone traveling the path of the warrior.



Nexion of Ur