Another Academic Misrepresentation

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A 2017 essay by Della E. Campion of the University of Washington Рwho has written various essays about modern esotericism and modern Satanism Рdeals with the Order of Nine Angles document titled The Culling Texts, containing as that document does the five (mostly vintage) texts (i) Concerning Culling as Art, (ii) A Gift for the Prince РA Guide to Human Sacrifice, (ii) Victims РA Sinister Expos̩, (iii) Culling РA Guide to Sacrifice II, (iv) Guidelines for the Testing of Opfers, (v) Satanism, Sacrifice, and Crime РThe Satanic Truth.

There are serious flaws with the essay and which flaws undermine the argument and conclusions of Campion.

The article by Ms Scott enumerates these five serious flaws and, by referencing O9A primary sources, deals with each in detail.

Another Academic Misrepresentation Of The Order Of Nine Angles

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