In its essence, the Order of Nine Angles is, and always has been, anarchic {1}, where a useful, working, definition of anarchy is “that way of living which regards the authority of The State as unnecessary and possibly harmful, and which instead prefers the free and individual choice of mutual and non-hierarchical co-operation”.

This anarchism of ours is evident, for example, in (a) our non-hierarchical, communal, nature and structure; (b) in our disdain for the principles of ‘copyright’ and ‘intellectual property’; (c) in our insistence on internal change and development, where everything ONA “can and should be surpassed, refined, changed, when others discover, experience, and attain knowledge and experience for themselves” {2}; and (d) in our Code of Kindred Honour which places the law of kindred honour over and above the laws of The State.

If there is a ‘secret’ about the O9A, then it is this.



{1}. Refer to:
(a) The text The ONA and Anarchy first circulated in 1991 ev, included in some compilations of ONA MSS published in the 1990s.
(b) The letter to Aquino, dated 7th September 1990 ev, in Vol I of The Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown.
{2}. Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown, Letter to Miss Stockton, dated 19th June, 1991 ev



Aristocracy, Anarchy, or Nihilism?