In Pursuit of Evil

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The media offers simple illusions for the techno-proles, giving them a hope that the situation is handled and they can go back to moral and intellectual sleep, while carefully distracting from the ongoing collapse of civilization and extinction of humanity.

To do this successfully, one must play to the sense of self-pity of the audience. Bored, unfulfilled, directionless, lazy, demoralized, and atomized, they are looking for scapegoats, and to fit into an egalitarian society, they style themselves as victims.

They have little choice, of course. They either admit that like most of humanity, most of which is third world status, they are doing something wrong, or find someone to blame. By styling themselves as victims, they can feel better about their confused minds and blame others.

In an egalitarian civilization, the weak take from the strong, so those who want to succeed learn early on to identify with victims. Over time this becomes an easy answer for everything and so they bond with others in alienation and scapegoating.

The media preaches to this mentality because the media must sell products. To sell a product, you recast what people already believe as something exotic and tantalizing, knowing that they will lap it up in order to enjoy confirmation of their bias.

Through this process we get rambling denunciations of the O9A:

O9A’s true size is unknown and its beliefs vary widely, but a common goal is to join a gang, terrorist plot, police force, or military unit, then stir as much chaos as possible to accelerate the fall of western civilization.

Because of its cell structure and the ability for young men to radicalize themselves online, it is difficult to know who is for real and who is pretending…But in recent years, O9A materials have been found in the search history and homes of men in North America and Western Europe who were charged with terror offenses.

Never forget, normies: we aspire to evil. Good, as defined by you people, consists of denying reality and especially Darwinism, simply so that the group can have a false sense of unity and be easily controlled through symbols.

This control does not have one controller… it has as many as there are voters. People, in an attempt to avoid being seen for their failures, campaign against competence and strength, identifying as victims and blaming whoever is stronger, richer, smarter, or more competent.

Our human herd is self-manipulating and self-deluding. To manipulate others they play the victim while pursuing their own self-interest, fooling the credulous, and then convince others to join them in misery so they can talk about how bad life is and how good Utopia will be.

It is a mistake to read this as ideology. It is social compensation behavior, and it is how every human society so far has found itself chasing non-problems through government, eventually bankrupting itself, genetically destroying itself, and ending up a third world grey person wasteland.

We stand against this process. We embrace Darwinism, reject “good” and “evil” as anything but tokens of manipulation, and stand for hard consequentialist realism that measures our actions by their results. If you kill billions for a better world, that is not to be feared.

We reject your society of meritocracy, workaholism, consumerism, codependent relationships, television-watching, and endless pity. We embrace strength and reject weakness; the strong should take from the weak, and the best must oppress the rest.

Your option, the rest oppressing the best, leads to incompetence, weakness, and an absolute lack of meaning or purpose to life. We reject this. We reject your humanism, the idea that everyone is important, and most of all the Big Lie, “equality.”

We deny Utopia. Life is as it has always been. We either accept this and work with it or become something worse than evil, reality-deniers who leave collateral damage in their wake and eventually grind society and our species down into hominid-level selfish bloated zombies.

We aspire to ultimate evil. We wish to be free from the judgment of others and to make our peace with nature, eternity, reality, and the ancient gods. We cast aside your Abrahamic belief in pity and control, embrace strength, and open our arms to the infinite darkness.

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