One Last Problem

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.:.So now, there is one final problem in ONA that needs to be fixed, that Problem is: Me.

I’m a very honest person, with myself [self-honesty] and with others. I mean what I say. “Let your yes mean yes, and no mean no,” as Christ said. When I say that I believe and only recognize a leaderless ONA: I mean it. No one, certainly not me, should be any kind of leader [official, appointed, de facto, facto, symbolic, etc] of ONA, in ONA.

I’m not a dummie: I’m very observant, especially with ONA. I’ve been around ONA since 2006-2007, and so, like a street or section of a city, ONA is my Turf: like how a gang of people claim  a street or section as their Turf. This ONA is Our Dreccian Turf, it’s our shit, Cosa Nostra as the Italians say it [Cosa means “Thing,” and “Nostra” means “Our”]. And in this Dreccian Turf which is the ONA: I know who comes and goes, I know who’s who, and so on.

Since 2008, what I have interestingly observed is that whenever a person or group of people come to ONA to try to “take it over” I have never seen them plan and say to themselves: “We need to get rid of that pesky Anton Long in order to take over ONA…” or “We need to get rid of those pesky Old Guards so we can take over ONA!” It’s always been: “Chloe needs to go…” or “We need to get rid of her somehow so we can rule ONA!” And they all play power games with me.

There was even a time, many years ago, on the 600 Club, where that, in order to make their claim of Outer Rep legit, the ToB pretended to be me and wrote out a short thing saying that I endorse and support Jall as Outer Rep. And there are a few people who say things like: “Chloe made me the leader…” or “Chloe made me the new outer rep…” or “I had a conversation with Chloe and she subtly hinted to me that I’m the new leader because she said I was handsome and smart!” How come nobody ever says: “Anton Long made me the new leader…” or “The Old Guards made me the new Outer Rep.”

And so, when I said that other’s in ONA should take ONA, and run with it: I mean it. But, as I have observed over the years: I am a big problem.

When I left ONA early this year, I read a comment made by a ONA associate who said, paraphrased: “It’s good that Chloe has left, because it gives us a voice.” I can’t recall the exact things she said: but I honestly agreed with her sentiments, and understood what she was trying to say.

What I have seen is that when I leave ONA, lots of people come into ONA and they start writing and producing shit. Which I think is very cool. I come back and there’s all this activity and new thoughts and insights to read and learn from. And then when I come back: everyone scatters.

My presence in ONA just seems to drown everyone. I understand and see that now as a very big problem with future negative consequences.

I just came back because I felt guilty for abandoning the Spirit/Egregore of ONA during a time when it needed help struggling against some environmental conditions. The ONA seems fine now. It doesn’t need me anymore. I’ve said all I need to say, and my last bit of insight was given in the previous essay [The Evolving ONA]. And importantly to me: I’ve made my Peace with ONA. And so, I fix the last problem: and take my leave. I’m going to leave the online ONA world to go live my life in the Real World: because by next year I will have my own little family. And I will take my ONA with me: I will be a Rounwytha in the real world.


.:.Some shout outs to a few significant peeps:

Brett: You’re cool people. You’re writings are an inspiration.

OGs: Thank you for those many years of allowing me to make little alterations here and there in ONA, and for encouraging me to be myself [a Buddhist and so on]

Beast Xeno: I told you a very long a time, long ago, when you first began making youtube videos that you were handsome, and I meant it! Take care my friend!

Jason King: Andales pues mi Compa! You are by far: the most intelligent Satanist I have thus far met, since 2003. I never told you this: but your mind and person has had and will have a huge influence on me.

David Myatt: I am who I am today because of your thoughts and writings; I speak of all of them.

The Egregore of ONA: Te quiero mucho, mi amigo. Buena Noche, por que todo es cheche bacheche pa ti. Nzambi.

Peace, I’m out.

Signing Off,