The “Sinister Order of the Gylden Dammerung” [S.:.O.:.G.:.D.:.] is a Leaderless self-initiatic Sinister Pagan, Animistic, Satanic, Baphometic, and Esoteric Hitlerian school of magic and sorcery. The SOGD unifies both Western magic/sorcery with Eastern magic/sorcery; primarily Mao Shan Pai [also known as “Taoist Sorcery” in generic parlance] & Khmer/Thai Wicha [also known as Khmer or Thai Voodoo]. It merges the ONA, ONA’s Sinister Satanism, Reichsfolk National-Satanism with Oriental Occultism [Brahminical/Aryan, Chinese, and Southeast Asian].

.:.The Sinister Order of the Gylden Dammerung.:.
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