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.:.Hi. I’m Chloe. Sometimes known as Chloe 352, sometimes as Chloe Ortega, and I also use the pen name Kryptonymus. I’ve been around the o9a block since 2007.

I am about three-quarters East Asian [Chinese & Japanese] and the other quarter is part Spanish/Portuguese and Kamboja-Aryan. I wrote a long essay about my ethnic and genetic make up: HERE. I am also a Theravada Buddhist, born and raised.

I love to write. And I write a lot. I started writing o9a stuff back in 2007, and in 2008 I started a WordPress blog, called ONANXS, which the Way Back Machine saved: HERE.

I eventually deleted that blog because my essays had grown so long, they didn’t fit into wordpress. And so after I deleted that blog, I started my own zine, called Nexion Zine back in 2014, which can be found: HERE. The biggest zine I’ve written ended up having 1800 pages, which is Nexion Zine 7.1 which is: HERE.

I usually like to stay behind the scenes. So, what am I doing here at this site? Well, back in 2010-2011ish, an Associate who owned an internet server thing created this site for the o9a and gave me the key/pass to it. We gave two other o9a Associates access to this site as well, so they could help produce content and so on. One of those o9a Associates was nymmed Saturnyan 352, and the other is/was nymmed Lianna [baeldraca]. That’s why I’m here.

Like I said, I like to write. And so, I’ll be here, writing and adding essays and content for this site from now on. I’m not going to use the plural pronoun “we/us” because 1) I am only one person and 2) I do not speak for o9a or for any or all o9a Associates. I am also a Rational and Objective person, meaning that I like to see things Realistically and in the Light of Reason, and I like to be honest. This means that in practice, from now on, any essays or content in this site, regarding o9a or whatever, will be objective and honest, sans the silly mythos and propaganda and stories and fantasies.

Also, I’m not a Satanist, in the commonly understood sense. I’m a Satanist according to a certain strict articulation of o9a, I wrote an entire essay about such kind of Satanism: HERE. And so, as a human being, I don’t spend my life talking about Satan and devil worship. I prefer to talk and write about more interesting things such as science, Natural Philosophy, magick, sorcery, paganism, spirituality, Cosmology, Ontology, Etymology, culture, tradition, Buddhism, the o9a, Reichsfolk stuff, Numinous Way stuff. And so, from now on, the content of this site will usually be about such topics and subject matters.

My style of writing and articulation is also simple, relaxed, and conversational, and I don’t take myself or the o9a too seriously. I have a healthy sense of humor, and I like to have fun. Therefore, my personality and persona will reflect in what essays and posts I make here. And so, I’ll be here a while.

I recently had a Realization and I publicly Renounced a few things like racism and violence, which you can read here: