Sheikh Abdul Aziz ibn Myatt

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.:.There was a time when DM was a Muslim. During that time he wrote a lot of Islamic stuff. He kept most of his Islamic writings at a website once. To archive those writings, I made a copy of that website 9 years ago; to preserve DM’s Islamic stuff. I have read and studied everything written by DM.

Whenever you read and objectively study DM’s writings, you must always keep three questions in mind: 1) Who is/was his [intended] audience at the time of writing, 2) What is/was he trying to accomplish during the period of writing [what is/was his motive/intentions], & 3) Why was he trying to do what he was trying to do [to what End]?

And so, if you have not ever read those old Islamic writings of DM’s or if you don’t already have a copy of the collection, you can download a copy here [Please do keep in mind that DM has renounced all forms of extremism and that this collection is old stuff belonging to a previous decade and a previous/defunct “iteration of David Myatt”]:

Sheikh Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt



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