Emanations of Urania
(1976 edition, pdf)

We republish here the complete – unexpurgated – 1976 version of the typewritten text Emanations of Urania containing as it does section III titled Concerning Culture, Race and the Future. This section – omitted in the “1974 restored” version republished some years ago by Mr Stirling {1} – extols National Socialism, Hitler and is openly neo-nazi. The other major difference is that the “1974” version gives the author as David Myatt while the author of the 1976 edition is given as “Anton Long” of Order of Nine Angles fame.

Keen observers will notice two things about the 1976 text. Firstly, that the heretical Section III was typed on one of the two typewriters also used in the 1974 version; and secondly that the term Magian has been handwritten over a redacted term. According to O9A aural tradition the redacted term was “Jewish” so that for instance the end of 3.113 would have read “such an evolution implies the gradual triumph of the Aryan soul over the Jewish soul” instead of the redacted “such an evolution implies the gradual triumph of the Aryan soul over the Magian soul.”

Of the differing versions, Myatt himself wrote in his revised 2012 version of his 1988 text The Star Game: History and Theory, that

“Following my release from prison in the Spring of 1976, I (in hindsight, foolishly) added another section, numbered 3.0 – 3.1152131 (with the previous section three – Concerning Life and Causal Death – renamed and renumbered section four) with this new third section being copied from jottings in notebooks I had kept in prison and which jottings I typed out using a different manual typewriter from the one previously used. And this was foolish for two reasons; first because the addition was unnecessary and spoilt the simplicity of the original theory; second, because the new section dealt with and added hubriatic abstractions such as ‘the Aryan racial soul’ and ‘the distortion of the magian’, topics which I would foolishly return to some years later when I wrote the neo-nazi pamphlet Vindex, Destiny of The West.

Photocopies of this 1976 typewritten text were posted that Spring to a few friends, one of whom was to – in the Summer of 1976 after I had entered the seclusion of the noviciate of a Christian monastery – photocopy it, repackage it with a new title page (which included his pseudonym), and circulate it clandestinely among some of the members of the occult group I made some mention of in Part Two of Ethos of Extremism.” {2}
{end quote}


{1} For comparison we provide here a link to a copy of the expurgated 1974 version by Mr Stirling: http://www.o9a.org/wp-content/uploads/emanations-of-urania-1974.pdf

{2} http://www.o9a.org/wp-content/uploads/star-game-history.pdf