The novel Breaking The Silence Down extends and amplifies the esoteric matters dealt with in The Deofel Quartet, and the esoteric insight it deals with is appropriate to an aspirant Internal Adept.

Unlike the MSS in The Deofel Quartet, the magickal and “Satanic” aspects, themes and nature of this work are not overt, nor implicit nor obvious, and thus – exoterically – it does not appear to be a work of Sinister, or even of Occult, fiction.

However, the MS can – like the works of the Quartet – be read without trying to unravel its esoteric meaning. Like those other works, it might through its reading promote a degree of self-insight and supra-personal understanding within the reader. Unlike the works of the Quartet (which in the main are concerned on the polarity of male/female vis-à-vis personal development/understanding) this present work centres, for the most part, around the alternative Sapphic view. A view relevant to the Order of Nine Angles, past and present, given that the O9A has and always has had Sapphic nexions.

An understanding of this view is necessary for a complete integration of all divergent aspects of the individual psyche – an integration which the Rite of Internal Adept creates.

Breaking The Silence Down