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.:.Yesterday was my one month “Oregon Birthday,” when I landed here in Oregon. I had an appointment with the DMV out in Coos Bay, to switch my Driver’s License, yesterday, on my Oregon Birthday! I got my Oregon License. It’s slowly starting to feel like I’m actually living here, and not just visiting it. And as that feeling of being a resident of a whole new state sinks in, I find myself missing Southern Cali, and all of the memories associated. I was feeling nostalgic this early morning, waking up in bed, with V’s warm body next to me, still asleep. I have all of these pix on my phone. So I was looking at a few old/odd pictures from SoCal.

I found an old picture of the Los Angeles National “Forest,” [which is mostly made of shrubs]. I was driving through that National Forest, about 2.5 years ago, as I was on my way to my Godfather’s house to be initiated into Palo. I stopped my car at a turn-out to take a picture. It was 7AM, and the fog was touching the ground and trees. I thought it was beautiful.

I realized that there was something wyrdful… foresightful… about that experience of being up in the mountains, in the early morning, surrounded by mountains, trees, and fog: 2.5 years later I live way out in the boondocks, surrounded my many mountains, endless forests of tall majestic trees, and every morning, from my windows, even as I drive in mid-day, there is beautiful fog dancing around the trees and hills.

I’ve always wanted to live up in Big Bear [in Cali] because I love the scenic environment, the silence of the forest, the lakes, and rivers. It turns out that the whole state of Oregon, at least here on the western side, is like a huge Big Bear area. It’s all nothing but hills, forests, lakes, and rivers, forever.

That day of my initiation into Palo, my Godfather took us initiates into the forested mountains, which was in the middle of a desert, to go to the River. The first steps into Palo is called the “Presentation,” where your Godfather as officiating Priest introduces you to Mother Nature. And so, after I had been initiated, I would return to that river every few weeks, for each initiation.

My Godfather could tell that going up to the mountain and river was my favorite part of the ceremony. He was right. Being born and raised my whole life in cities, far from nature: I loved to be in the mountains, with trees and with that river. At the time, I thought that river we went to, an oasis in the desert, was one of the biggest rivers I had ever seen!

The rivers here in Oregon are Massive, and make that old river in Cali look like a mere creek:

The rivers here are as wide as lakes, and they run for miles and miles into the bay and ocean, which are only a few minutes away. I wake up every morning at Peace, tranquil in Spirit and Mind, surrounded by the simple things in Life I Love: Nature, V, and my family.

I got out of bed early, at 6:30AM and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. As I was brushing, my teeth, a deer walked by the bathroom window! I was shocked and thought to myself: “Dude what the fuck, it’s like a whole deer in the backyard!?” So I ran to get the others and my phone to take pictures:

Amazing! You don’t see shit in Southern Cali. There’s all these elk too everywhere. I saw a group of about 50 of them a few minutes from my place while driving! When they grow and shed their horns, we’re going to go hiking to find their antlers!

So all month we’ve been unpacking, and getting all of the paperwork and financial stuff, and bureaucratic stuff in order [new License, new car insurance, etc]. When we’re not unpacking, we’ve been exploring and riding around the state of Oregon. That’s all we’ve been doing, driving and exploring… all month, everyday, especially every weekend.

After living here for a month, I’ve developed an opinion about Oregon and about living here in a rural place. I’ve learned that there are Pros and Cons to living way out in the countryside, far away from cities.

I used to hate hate hate driving in Cali, because of the traffic and the idiots on the street. I never drove anywhere, because I hated driving so much. Out here, in Oregon, driving is actually a pleasant experience. You can be driving on a highway, and there’s only 3 other cars on the road with you, and its all quiet, and there is nothing but tress and rivers and the ocean for fucking miles and miles and miles, forever.

And so, a Pro to living out here in the Countryside is the driving is peaceful, quiet, and enjoyable. The Con is that, you have to drive very far to go to a city with shops and banks, which costs a lot of money for gas. My bank is Chase. In Cali, there is a Chase bank everywhere. I once walked to my Chase bank, because it was a block away from my house in Cali. Not here!

The nearest Chase ATM [just an ATM machine only!] is 30 minutes away! We don’t live in Coos Bay exactly. We live in a small satellite township next to Coos Bay and North Bend, so everyone here uses Coos Bay as a reference point. So that’s about 52 miles back and forth.

The nearest Chase bank branch to me is way out in a city called Roseburg, which, believe it or not, is a whole 84 miles away, which takes about an hour and a half to drive! And all of us bank with Chase. That’s 160 miles back and forth, or 3 hours round trip!

And the highways that take you to that ATM or Chase branch isn’t a big freeway like we’re use to driving on out in Cali! The highways here are small two-way roads that cuts through nothing but mountains, thick forests, rivers, and farmland; they twist and wind, go up and down mountains, over bridges, and into dense dark rainforests. As you drive, you see more cows and sheep on your drive then houses, other cars, and people.

But none of us want to switch to a local bank: because we all love the spectacular scenery and we all actually enjoy the long, peaceful drive! And so, every time one of us needs to go to the bank, we all get excited, pack into one of our cars, and go for a ride across the country. Along the way, we make stops, to walk down to the rivers, look at the big moss covered trees, see if we can see any wild life. We’ve seen quite a few wild/feral turkeys out here! There are lots of buzzards and hawks.

I’ve never ever gotten excited to go to the bank and drive around in Cali. Out here, the environment is so gorgeous, that I actually look forward to drive around. We’ll use any excuse to get in the car and drive far! The Con to driving far and frequently is that I alone, spend over $150 a month on gas, and V & my sister respectively spend about $200 on their gas per month.

And we’ve learned that you actually need to fill up your tank before every road trip out here, because, for example, as you drive that 1.5 hours [84 miles] from Coos Bay to Roseburg, there are no gas stations in the forest or farmlands! It’s all just trees, rivers, and cattle. If you run out of gas along the way… you are in big bad luck!

Another Con to living out in a rural/countryside place is that if you want to go shopping for good groceries or good clothes, shoes, stuff: you have to drive at least 84 miles, up to over 100 miles [one way!] to one of those cities, because that’s where all of the malls and shopping centers are at.

The word “mall” out here means something different, then how us Californians use that word. This is a Mall to us in Cali:


Out here in rural Oregon, when the locals say the word “mall,” they mean this:

They mean to say a strip mall, which is a small collection of shops along a street on the main road. I was talking to my AAA car insurance lady, who came from Cali too, and we were laughing about what the locals mean by “mall.” And my Car insurance lady says: “So my 9 year old daughter once got excited when I said we’re going to the mall, cuz she thinks we’re going to the main street to those little shops right? So I told her, ‘No sweetheart, that’s not a mall… you don’t know what a mall is. I’m from San Diego. You’ve never experiences a real mall before.'” We laughed.

So we’ve been exploring around here all month long, driving up and down the western part of Oregon. We’ve been up to Portland [4 hours away], Salem [~2 hours away], and Eugene [~2 hours way] many times [to go shopping]. And we’ve been up and down the coastal area, visiting the small towns, all the way up to Lincoln City. We have a list of cities and suburbs that the internet says are good places to live. So we drive to those places to look around, shop, observe the natives population, and look at the houses and neighborhoods and town centers. We’re actually looking to buy a house somewhere here. Somewhere.

None of us like the area around Portland, Salem, and Eugene, which is where the suburbs are located, where the internet says are great places to live in. We all think the area around Coos Bay and North Bend is the prettiest and most amazing. The Con is that, Coos Bay does have a visible homeless and drug problem in some neighborhoods and areas: the area around Charleston especially. And we think Coos Bay [with a population of 60,000] is too big of a city! But my sister and V work around that area. So what we want to do is buy a house out in a small town of 3000 people called Bandon, which is close to North Bend and Coos Bay. Bandon is a cute little town, filled with very nice people, where you can buy a house that has big land. We want at least one acre.

Originally, me and my sister wanted a few acres so we can raise chickens. Then we added guinea fowl [because they eat ticks]. Plus one poodle dog. Then, after seeing the sheep in the farmlands, we also wanted at least a few sheep. Then we saw all the cattle, and we watched a bunch of youtube videos on raising cows, and we added one cow to our list of pets we wanted. Then we went to the big petting safari in Bandon, and we added to our list of pets: a few goats, two donkeys, and one alpaca, and a parrot, and one raccoon. My favorite animal at that petting safari were the donkeys! They are so gentle and they look so sad and depressed. Like Eeyore, from Winnie the Pooh [my favorite childhood cartoon]. We’re going to name the boy donkey “Jack,” and the girl donkey “Jenny.” Realistically, we probably won’t get all those animals. All of our cousins laugh at us.

But, we’ve all agreed to focus our efforts on buying a house in Bandon with around 1 acre of land. Bandon is way out in the middle of nowhere by itself, surrounded by forests, and it’s right next to the beach! And it’s a small town [only ~3000 people].

Me, my sister, and V want to live in a place that is affordable, so we can have a lot of money and time left over to buy a boat, an RV [eventually], and actually enjoy our human life. The three of us together, with the help of my little mom and stepdad, can afford a nice house in Cali, but most of our time and money would end up going to pay for its mortgage and the bills. And you would be stuck paying and working like that for 30 years of your life.

Out here, you can get a nice house for under $500,000; we all pitch in to help pay the mortgage and bills: and we’ll have a lot of money left over to buy boats, sporting goods, and so on, and we’ll have time to actually travel around, go fishing out in the rivers, lakes, and ocean. Go kayaking. Go hiking. And so on. It’s a stress-free [zero dukkham] life.

So… there are Pros and Cons to living out here in the Countryside. But I [and V and my family] are happily willing to accept the Cons to live a peaceful, stress-free, quiet Life, out and about Nature; where we have time to enjoy that Nature and the Human Life we have.

Ultimately, I want a quiet house, surrounded by fog and trees, so I can have a beautiful setting to spend the rest of my life writing, and contemplating on Natural Philosophy. In order to hear Nature’s Voice, and to empath her Mysteries, you need Silence & Solitude. And this place, where you are enclosed on all sides with nothing but mountains, hills, forests, ocean, rivers, and lakes, far far away from cities and the urban weltanschauung, gives you that Silence & Solitude.┬áIt seems that Divine Providence knows you and your Dharma, and guides you to the right place.

I was walking in the woods, along a small lake the other day, contemplating about that. I resisted moving out here to Oregon. I didn’t want to leave Southern California. It’s like you have a little lizard as a pet in a terrarium. And your lizard needs a bigger and better terrarium. And so you reach for it to relocate it to a better place. But the lizard, not understanding your perspective and intentions, resists and is afraid, because it doesn’t know your mind and how you see things.

I was like a little lizard. My Dharma doesn’t fit in Southern California. It’s better expressed out here, around forests and Nature. And the Divine hand of Providence reached to grab me to put me into a better terrarium: one more nurturing of my Dharma. And not understanding, I was afraid and resisted. Now that I am here, I understand the intentions of Providence. You feel silly for fighting and resisting, when you realize that Providence had no intention of harming you; that God had your best interests in mind. And so in knowing that I don’t ever want to go back to California, I miss certain places there.






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