The Karambit

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.:.The Karambit is one of the most beautiful and lethal knives in the world. Originating from ancient Indonesia as a sickle bladed farm tool, the Karambit eventually developed into a martial arts weapon, with a reputation so deadly, it became the martial arts knife of choice across all of Southeast Asia. The Karambit’s signature are its curved tiger claw blade, and a finger ring at the end of the handle:

[Top 7 Kamambits Of All Time]


The word “karambit” is actually related to the Khmer word “Kambet” which means “Knife.” There are basically two kinds of Karambits: 1) Traditional Fixed Blade & 2) Modern Folding Blade [pocket knife]. Besides being the fighting knife of choice across Southeast Asia, the Karambit is federally issued to US Air Marshals.

The Karambit is not a stabbing knife. Since ancient times, its claw/sickle shaped blade has been used for ripping, tearing, and cutting plants, meat tissue, muscle, and tendons: basically, you use the curved blade to maul people to death in a martial arts fight, in the same way a tiger’s claws will maul you to death.

In martial arts fights, you hold the Karambit in the reversed position, with the claw blade down, like the guy below, so the force of your cuts is as strong as the force of your punch:

With practice – the practice of deploying the knife and swiping the blade – you can very easily cut someone’s throat open or fucking gut a person with one fast swing of your fist. A quick, lightning fast swipe of that claw blade across an adversary’s stomach, will open that mutherfucker up so fast and his guts would spill out so fast, his guts would fall to the ground before he knew what happened. Gutting an attacker would usually incapacitate most people, thus ending a fight. I had read on the website I got my Karambit that some guy used his Karambit in a fight, and he swiped his Karambit across the other guys face, and dislocated the fucker’s jaw with the cut. I love the Karambit!!! Here’s mine:

I got one of the top 7 Karambits in the world, called the “Fox Evo.” The metal/blade of the Fox is made from high quality [premium] steel called N690Co Steel, which has the same hardness [60 points] as premium D2 Steel. The Fox’s blade is finished in Teflon. The handle of the Fox is made from G10 material. Here’s my Fox next to my D2 steel pocket knife [I love pocket knives]:

The Fox is the fastest deploying blade [when the blade opens up and locks in position] in the world because of a specially patented deploying hook called the “Emerson Wave,” or just the “Wave” for short. So the Fox has its belt/pocket clip in the reversed position, so that the finger loop is on the outside of your pocket, and the folded blade is inside your pocket. When you pull out the knife, the “Wave” hooks onto your pocket, instantly deploying the blade, as fast as you can pull the knife out of your pocket. This is the Emerson Wave [I circled it with a blue circle]:

Other side of the Fox’s blade:

Here’s a videos of the Fox Karambit in action [it’s a cool video; it make you want to cut someone open]:

The Karambit in martial arts:

If you’re a girl – especially if you are an Asian girl [given the current attacks on Asians] – I would highly, highly, recommend that you get a Karambit and carry it with you at all times: that way you can gut any stupid guys that touch you. It’s a very effective self-defense weapon. With practice, you can cut a guy’s stomach open and watch his guts fall out in 1-2 seconds.

If you’re a guy, and you like martial arts, fighting, cutting people open, hurting people badly, I highly recommend you guys get a Karambit. Violence is the only Universal Language all living organisms understand. Some people out there are so stupid and confrontational that they will only understand the universal language of violence. If violence is a Language, then the Karambit is an erudite vocabulary.

I got my Karambit at:

I wanted to get the Fox 599 which is a smaller version, but they were out of that, so I had to get the Fox 479; which is still comfortable for me to hold and handle. You don’t have to get your Karambit from that website. There are other models of Karambits sold at plenty of other websites. The Fox Evo Karambit is made in Italy. When you are researching on a Karambit to buy, make sure you learn about the type and quality of steel the blade is made from. And figure out how fast the blade deploys [if you are getting the modern pocket knife version]. I got the Fox because it had the Emerson Wave. The Emerson Wave makes it incredibly easy to deploy the bade. You just pull the knife out of your back pocket, and the blade instantly unfolds and locks.


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