Trump Trial Final Round

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.:.Regading the Democrat’s entire case: “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.”

Excellent work! The Trump Team put forth their defense in circa 3 hours! What a brilliant show! My favorite Trump Lawyer was Mr. Van Der Veen, who I thought was a great thinker. I loved the look of distaste and contempt he had for the Democratic Team. There were times when Mr. Van Der Veen took his glasses off to look at the Democratic Team to emphasize his condescending contempt.

The best part about Mr. Van Der Veen’s defense was that, in contrast to the entire case of the Democratic Team’s case, Mr. Van Der Veen use Logic, Reason, and Doctrinal Text. Doctrinal Text here meaning texts such as those from the US Constitution and text from court trials clarifying laws and precedents.

My favorite point in Van Der Veen’s defense was when he cited the Brandenburg case, which clarifies the difference between the Free Speech we all enjoy which is protected by the US Constitution and what exactly is “incitement speech.” The Brandenburg case has three holdings/criteria which must be met in order for a statement – spoken or written or otherwise – to qualify as “incitement speech,” where “incitement speech” here means speech used to incite unlawful acts, crimes, and so on. The three holdings/criteria of incitement speech:

Mr. Van Der Veen showed that Trump talks and verbal expressions and the words he used was not incitement speech, made to incite the protesters to become violent. Van Der Veen made sure to also place emphasis upon the word “imminent” per the third criteria. This is very important regarding the chronology of the events of Jan 6th: there was already a crowd of protesters at Capitol Hill, becoming aggressive and violent a full one hour before Trump even came out to make his speech that day.

The Trump Lawyers also showed that Trump, even as president, does still have his freedom of public speech protected under the First Amendment, which the Democratic Team denied. Therefore, we learn that the US Constitution protects everyone’s freedom to speak their views, opinions, beliefs, feelings, conscience, etc – social, political, or otherwise – regardless of how passionate, radical, unconventional, inflammatory, or hateful, such speech or text may be; even if your speech and beliefs regard the destruction of the government.

The Trump Team also showed that a certain section of the protesters that day of Jan 6th had planned some kind of violent attack on Capitol Hill independent of any incitement on Trump’s part.

All-in-all, the Trump Lawyers did exactly as I had thought/predicted they would do. I’m very pleased with their defense. It was a pleasant contrast to the Democrat’s case where the Democrat’s case was 90% silly Appeal to Emotions and trump’s words taken out of context. Whereas the Trump Team used doctrinal texts, past precedents, logic, and reason.

My predictions:

  1. Trump will be acquitted. And if he runs again in 4 years, he may just win.
  2. A group will take the rap for the protest at Capitol Hill.
  3. When the Leftist Journalists and Leftist Media learn that they will not get their desired Trump sacrifice, they will focus their attention on a scapegoat:
  4. Therefore, the Left and the media will most likely turn their wrath on The Proud Boys, who will be the group that takes the rap.
  5. Thus, more fake-news/propaganda against the Right will be coming soon.

And so, o9a should be prepared to get sucked into the Leftist media’s wrath again. Thus, if you are Right leaning, or if you are an associated with o9a in anyway, I highly suggest that you watch the three hours of Trump’s Lawyers talk their case and points, regarding Free Speech, your rights, your right to say and write what you want, regardless of whether such things you express are passionate, radical, unconventional, racist, violent, deranged, malicious, etc.

Watching this Senate Trial has taught me two valuable things: 1) That I really do hate the Left & 2) I now understand my Constitutional Rights.




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