National Socialism

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The O9A And National Socialism: An Overview


We present here four pdf documents which deal with relevant topics, given all the Media and political attention the O9A (Order of Nine Angles) has received over the past few years based on the accusation that the O9A is a neo-nazi satanist group founded by Mr Myatt.

In our view, the 2003 article by Myatt – National-Socialism, Folk Culture, and a Muslim Khilafah – is especially interesting, an article placed into context by both David Myatt, Reichsfolk, Esoteric Hitlerism, and Savitri Devi and The Two Interpretations Of National Socialism. For context we have included Myatt: Selected National-Socialist Writings which express his evolution of National-Socialism as now presenced by the Reichsfolk movement {1}.

The Two Interpretations Of National Socialism

David Myatt, Reichsfolk, Esoteric Hitlerism, and Savitri Devi

National-Socialism, Folk Culture, and a Muslim Khilafah

Myatt: Selected National-Socialist Writings

As for ourselves, as we previously noted:

“Since we – identifying as O9A and as an independent O9A nexion applying the esoteric philosophy of the Order of Nine Angles including its code of kindred honour – have previously stated that we interpret that philosophy as anti-Magian in essence and as National-Socialist in exoteric practice and as required by the O9A’s Sinister Dialectic, it is necessary for us to describe in detail what we mean by National-Socialism, since our understanding of National-Socialism is very different from that of the majority of self-described “neo-nazis”.

Just as there are two latter-day interpretations of Satanism – the ‘modern American’ type manufactured and propagated by Howard Stanton Levey (better known under his aliases of Anton LaVey and Anton Szandor LaVey) and the ‘traditional Satanism’ as manifest in the Occult philosophy and the praxis of the Order of Nine Angles {2} – so there are two latter-day interpretations of National Socialism.

These two interpretations of National Socialism are […] (i) that of the majority of self-described “neo-nazis”, and (ii) that of the Reichsfolk group.

The National-Socialism that we interpret as embodying the anti-Magian essence of the O9A and the exoteric practice of the O9A’s Sinister Dialectic is the non-racist Reichsfolk version.”

TWS Nexion
January 2021 ev

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