One Example, One Test

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One Example

The example is how in the modern world – from the twentieth to the twenty-first century – the Magian works to discredit those they deem to be their enemies. One of the many techniques they employ is The Big Lie (große Lüge) where a lie – or several lies – about a person, or persons, or group, is or are repeated so often by so many and by various means that a large proportion of people accept the lie or lies as fact even though nothing probative – no evidence based on primary sources – is ever presented.

In the twentieth and twenty-first century one of the means used by the Magian and their servants is the Media, especially newspapers, printed and more recently in digital format. Another means is having a well-financed political advocacy group or groups make accusations about a person, or persons, or a group, and having their followers mindlessly repeat such accusations.

The Big Lie technique has proven most effective, as witness the seventy-five year campaign against Adolf Hitler and The Third Reich, beginning with the myth of the Shoah and culminating in the invention of terms – causal abstractions, pejorative categories – such as “hate speech”, “racism”, and “holocaust denial”. {1}

In respect of the O9A (Order of Nine Angles) the Magian have, since 2019, used The Big Lie technique, having declared the O9A to be “dangerous” {2} and used a certain political advocacy group to spread misinformation and malicious accusations about it.

Misinformation such as the O9A has “members”, whereas given the anarchist nature of the O9A and the fact that it is an esoteric philosophy {3} it cannot have members; with there being no leader, no representative(s), and no contact address.

The accusations include the lie that the O9A – that its esoteric philosophy and its praxis the Seven Fold Way – encourages and promotes sexual violence and misogyny, whereas a study of primary O9A sources, from Naos, to the Deofel Quartet, to Hostia, to the pro-Sapphic novel Breaking The Silence Down, and the Seofonfeald Paeth trilogy, {4} reveal the anti-patriarchal nature of the O9A and, via its Code of Kindred Honour, its commitment to gender equality. As Anton Long wrote, in 2011 and in 1989 respectively,

                   “This […] excludes us from involvement with certain activities involving children and also means that individuals of certain proclivities, involving children, are regarded by us as dishonourable individuals who most certainly are not of our kin.” {5}

                   “The abuser (whether of children, drugs or pleasures) is swayed by mostly unconscious desires and impulses – they may manipulate and try to control others who are susceptible, but they cannot control themselves, or even begin to understand their ‘darker’ side. In short, they are weak – and generally rather pathetic – individuals, although they may hide behind a “mask” or a “role”. Such people are not Satanists, but rather failures. The Satanist aspires to self-mastery, self-overcoming: to knowledge.” {6}

An abuser as a potential opfer is also, via the character of Mallam, one of the themes of the O9A novel ”The Giving” published in 1990.

One Test

Given the use of The Big Lie technique against the O9A, the test is for individuals to discover the real O9A – as evident in its primary texts – from the accusations and lies told and spread about by the Magian and their followers and servants.

A relevant example is the current (July 2020) Wikipedia article about the heretical O9A which has been taken-over by fanatical antifascists intent on censoring the O9A point of view and giving prominence to not only the accusations made by a certain political advocacy group but also to the Media who have repeated such accusations without having their journalists or correspondents research the O9A via O9A primary sources.

Thus the first impression of the O9A that most individuals seeking information about the O9A will be what the Magian wants them to believe. It is therefore likely that 90% or more will then have the impression of the O9A that the Magian wants them to have. Perhaps only 1% – or even less – will go to O9A sources, study them, and discover what the O9A really is, beyond, the lies and disinformation and unproven accusations of the Magian and of their servants and followers.

In Aeonic terms – and in terms of O9A strategy – this is advantageous, and necessary. For the few – the very few – who discover for themselves the reality of, for example, the decades-long Seven Fold Way and of O9A esoteric philosophy, as manifest for example in the Seofonfeald Paeth trilogy, are those suitable to begin the quest for Lapis Philosophicus. An individual quest, by a select few, which is the essence of the third phase of O9A Aeonic strategy. {7}

In terms of the Magian, and their servants and followers, they may well have some decades – perhaps even a century of more – of triumph. But the wisdom we discover – via pathei-mathos, via a quest such as the Seven Fold Way – disposes us to think and live in an acausal way and thus appreciate how causal abstractions, pejorative categories, accusations, propaganda, and misinformation, are irrelevant in Aeonic terms. That the Magian, and their servants and followers, do not understand this makes us smile.

Thus, despite their causal machinations, the O9A – nameless or so named – will continue. When our primary texts are outlawed – as they may well be – and when our websites and blogs are taken down, our “banned books” such as Breaking The Silence Down, and the Seofonfeald Paeth trilogy, will survive in some format, printed or digital, or otherwise, ready for the few who need to discover them.

Morena Kapiris
July 2020


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